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New showings in the Côte-Nord Region

Pierre Lacoste, Abdelali Moukhsil, Martin Simard and Serge Perreault
Bureau de l’exploration géologique du Québec

The summer 2006 mapping program has now been completed. The area studied covers map sheets 22F/07, 22F/08, 22F/09, 22F/15 and 22F/16. The program was conducted in conjunction with an extensive regional synthesis of the Grenville Province (figure of geological provinces (PDF Format, 135 Ko) ), which will be carried out over a five-year period.

The area immediately north of Baie-Comeau was selected primarily because of a lack of geoscience data and the presence of a little-known mineral. The 2006 mapping program will also broaden geological knowledge on a regional scale and link up with the work carried out in the Lac Varin area (22F/10) in 2004.

The area contains several known Cu-Ni and Fe-Ti showings (MB 91-31, RP 2006-1). From 1986 to 2005, various mining companies or prospectors did a significant amount of work on most of these showings.

The summer 2006 work brought to light new oxide-type (Fe and Ti) showings associated with the Vallant Anorthositic Suite, as well as Ni-Cu and Pt-Pd mineralization associated with mafic to ultramafic rocks that had not been published by mining companies. Architectural stone sites were also identified and could have significant potential, especially those within the Varin Plutonic Suite.

The rising price of uranium has led many small mining companies to acquire land positions in the Côte-Nord Region since 2003. Hopefully, the ongoing mapping project in the Baie-Comeau area will make it possible to develop prospective sectors for uranium exploration.

The results of the summer 2006 mapping program will be available at Québec Exploration 2006, in November.