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Discover the potential of the Urban-Barry Belt at the PDAC Convention

Pierre Rhéaume
Direction de Géologie Québec

The potential of the Urban-Barry Belt (UBB) will be uder the spotlight in Québec's booth, at this year's PDAC convention. Since 2000, the Department has completely re-evaluated the geology, structure and stratigraphic setting of this emerging mining camp. The progress of exploration work on the UBB will probably translate into new discoveries and might even lead to some of the known deposits being put into production in the medium or short term.

This new interpretation of the UBB has provided a conceptual framework that accounts for most of the gold mineralization for which the Belt is known. The work has also led to the discovery of new exploration guides and metallotects for future exploration. In particular, it has revealed the development of a large synvolcanic hydrothermal system in the central part of the UBB. The characterization of the system has made it possible to account for the distribution of alteration, metals and trace elements associated with gold mineralization in the lac Windfall and Lac aux Loutres areas.

The UBB's synvolcanic mineralization is characterized by gold-bearing pyrite veins and stringer zones within narrow silicified aureoles crosscutting a regional potassic alteration zone. Orogenic gold veins associated with regional fault zones and carbonate alteration have also been noted. The UBB also has interesting potential for other types of deposits, including volcanogenic base metal deposits.

New products will be available in 2006:

  • four geological maps at a scale of 1:50,000 (NTS 32G04, 32G03, 32B14, 32B13),
  • eight geological maps at 1:20,000 (NTS 32G04-101, 32G04-102, 32G03-101, 32G03-102, 32B14-201, 32B14-202, 32B13-201, 32B13-202),
  • an update of the 3D model of Lac aux Loutres,
  • a regional 3D model of the UBB,
  • a study of the UBB's stratigraphy.