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Assessment of Abitibi's massive sulphide potential:
enthusiastically welcomed by the industry!

Daniel Lamothe
Direction de Géologie Québec

Publication of the study dealing with the Abitibi volcanogenic massive sulphide potential (EP 2005-01) was eagerly awaited. Results of the study were disclosed on March 7, 2005, during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto. Most visitors were impressed by the extensive and consistent coverage of the work.

Geoscience data from Abitibi greenstone belts was reprocessed using an innovative approach, the steps of which are explained in detail in report EP 2005-01. Results are presented in a user-friendly manner and the document contains an impressive number of intermediate vector and raster files (more than 24 GB).

The general map, at a scale of 1:500,000, and 120 base metal potential assessment maps, at a scale of 1:50,000, are available on CD in PDF format. Easily accessible using an index map, they show:

  • variations in potential resulting from the combination of 26 parameters used in the study;
  • highly favourable zones for massive sulphides;
  • the position of the unclaimed portions of the zones (at the time the study was carried out).

The unclaimed portions represent 155 targets, hyperlinked to a descriptive database.

One month after publication of the results, 31 of the proposed targets had been claimed and are now covered by a total of 412 mineral titles. Furthermore, each company with mineral titles touching a highly favourable (or promising) zone received a letter mentioning the existence of the zone on its property.

Chances are that publication of the English version of the study in May 2005 will result in additional claims being filed on remaining available targets (EP 2005-02).