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2nd Conference on the Geological Heritage of Québec
Geological heritage: a treasure!

The 2nd Conference on the Geological Heritage of Québec will be held in Québec on November 26, 2004, based on the theme Geological heritage: a treasure! * Members of the working group will present new proposals, and the participants will be able to discuss upcoming stages in the designation and promotion of outstanding geological sites.

The posters and papers presented during the conference will deal with themes related to outstanding geological sites, as set out in the Québec strategy on protected areas, legal recognition for outstanding geological sites, preservation of the geological heritage and public awareness and, last, the development of tourism in relation to outstanding geological sites. The participants in the conference will also be invited to attend a lunch seminar during which Jacques Avoine, conservator of the Cap Romain nature reserve in Brittany, France, and president of the commission on the geological heritage of France’s nature reserves, will talk about the protection of France’s geological heritage.

If you wish to attend the conference or need more information, please visit the website Québec Exploration 2004.

You can also contact:

M. Pierre Verpaelst
Phone: (418) 627-6276, poste 5009


M. Serge Perreault
Phone: (514) 873-8814, poste 291

*The working group on Québec’s geological heritage is made up of representatives from the following organizations:

  • Québec Mineral Exploration Association;
  • Québec Mining Association;
  • Ordre des géologues du Québec;
  • Conférence des directeurs des départements de géologie des universités du Québec;
  • Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs.