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June 2004

Industrial Minerals
The top five business opportunities in Québec

Christian Morin
Direction de Géologie Québec

The Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs identified, with the cooperation of SIDEX, a number of particularly interesting industrial minerals in terms of mineral exploration potential, based on prevailing market conditions.

The potential to discover new industrial mineral deposits in Québec is very high. The geology of the Grenville geological Province, specifically, is highly prospective. Its true potential still remains to be assessed, but it may indeed have a few surprises in store for us. However, exploration for industrial minerals is closely tied to mining and processing activities as well as market conditions. The market is highly competitive and often controlled by one or a small number of major international players. Regardless of the type of industrial mineral, if the market is unable to absorb the new supply, then commercial production will not be viable.

Here is the list of industrial minerals that, in our opinion, warrant more attention from prospectors and mining companies given their discovery potential in Québec and current market conditions:

The value of industrial mineral shipments stood at CAN$646M in 2002, i.e. far from negligible. Given Québec’s very favourable geology, the discovery of new industrial mineral deposits could certainly increase Québec’s share of the market. However, prospectors or companies interested in this search should not go off unprepared. It is vital for them to understand the market conditions and industry specifications for the targeted commodity.


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