MERN - Québec Mines Diamonds in the Apple Formation?

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June 2004

Diamonds in the Apple Formation?

Claude Dion and Jean Goutier
Direction de Géologie Québec

The discovery of diamond-bearing kimberlite intrusions in the Baie James region in recent years has triggered an explosion of exploration activity in this part of Québec’s Near North. The link between kimberlites and diamond deposits is an exploration model that has proven its worth both in Québec and throughout the world. There are however other types of unconventional diamond deposits that also offer interesting potential, namely diamond-bearing paleoplacers. The Apple Formation represents a potential host unit for this type of deposit. The discovery of diamonds in sedimentary rocks of the Apple Formation would have a considerable impact, both from an economic (new and easily detectable target for high-quality diamonds) and a scientific standpoint (evidence of an Archean kimberlitic intrusive episode in the Superior craton).

The paleoplacer model
Apple Formation and alluvial diamonds – A comparison



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