MERN - Québec Mines - October 2003 - Architectural stone potential in the Appalachians

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october 2003

Architectural stone potential in the Appalachians

Yves Bellemare, eng.
Géologie Québec

Since 1994, the demand for new stone varieties has steadily increased in the decorative stone and landscaping stone industry in Québec. In addition to traditional exploration for granite, prospecting for so-called soft stone or exotic stone varieties has generated considerable interest. Several areas in the Appalachians, where these types of stone were once quarried, are once again considered high-potential areas for architectural stone.

Over the past few decades, very little exploration was carried out for soft stone varieties (marble, limestone, sandstone), exotic stone (steatite, serpentine, peridotite) and slate, in order to assess their potential as sources of architectural stone. To orient future investigations efficiently, it is sometimes necessary to use geoscience data dating back to the early 20th century. Recently, the Department launched a study to assess the potential of limestones and sandstones in a few areas in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie regions (Bellemare and Jacob, 2001; Bellemare, Togola and Lapointe, 2002 (PDF Format, 1,5 Mo)). Prospectors and companies have also conducted some exploration on these types of stone in the Appalachians.

Steatite, peridotite and serpentine



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