MERN - Québec Mines - October 2003 - Partnership at Géologie Québec: A new approach

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october 2003

Partnership at Géologie Québec: A new approach

Pierre Verpaelst
Géologie Québec

For many years now, governments have been searching for new ways to be more efficient at lower cost. Traditionally, governments have taken on the responsibility and expense for basic data acquisition in the natural resources sector, and more specifically in the geoscience field; this has been the case for over 100 years, ever since the creation of a geological service in Québec. Of course, over the years, government geologists have also exchanged information with geologists from exploration companies. Moreover, companies are required to file assessment work reports under the Mining Act. Data derived from these reports has substantially contributed to our knowledge base; since 1978, these reports are inventoried in SIGÉOM’s documentary database, and a few are integrated in the Department’s geological database. However, until the mid-1990s, very few partnerships existed between governments and the mining industry.

This article paints a portrait of the current situation in terms of basic geoscience data acquisition in Québec, and introduces the notion of partnership as a new approach to apply in this field.

The situation
A new approach: Partnership
The future



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