MERN - Québec Mines - Cree Mineral Exploration Board

August 2002

Cree Mineral Exploration Board
Increasing the involvement of native communities in the mining development of the Baie-James region
Jean Beaulieu
Direction de la politique et de l’économie minérales

In accordance with the agreement concluded on February 7, 2002, with the Cree nation of Québec, the "Paix des Braves", the gouvernement du Québec is namely committed to encouraging the conclusion of agreements between mine developers and the Cree nation. These agreements concern remediation measures, jobs and contracts related to any mining activity on the Baie-James territory.

The agreement signed last February 7th also calls for the creation of a Cree Mineral Exploration Board, which was announced last June. The Cree Council intends to favour a greater involvement of Crees in activities related to the development of natural resources. The Board will also serve to develop and support prospecting and mineral exploration activities, to generate and encourage activities to recognize the mineral potential of the land, as well as to develop regional organizations involved in the mineral resource industry.

The "Paix des Braves" not only gives new impetus to the economic development of the Baie-James region, but it also confirms the common desire of both the Cree nation and the gouvernement du Québec to take action and favour the development of the mining potential of this region.


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