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May 2002

Price structure for grouped data sets

It is now possible to take advantage of a new price structure when ordering digital products grouped by NTS sheet or by theme, for all of Québec.

Products grouped by NTS sheet

The cost for the entire digital data set available for each 1:50,000 scale NTS sheet (ex: 32C04) is $30.
As for digital products available for 1:250,000 scale map sheets (ex: 33A), these may also be purchased at a cost of $30.

Products grouped for all of Québec

Moreover, all digital data sets covering the entire landmass of Québec may be purchased at a cost of $5,000.

As for the complete database of Géologie Québec, it may be divided and sold as three distinct sub-sets, namely the CG series data set ($2,000), the GP series geophysical coverage ($2,000), or the rock and secondary environment geochemistry data set including mineral potential maps ($1,000).

For more information, please contact the Mines Services Center at 1 800 363-7233.

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