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May 2002

Regulations concerning temporary camps… In brief

The tent

A titleholder who owns a claim, a mining exploration licence or a licence to explore for surface mineral substances, may erect a tent on lands in the public domain, without prior authorization from the Minister, provided it is required to perform mining or exploration work. A ministerial order concerning this issue is in effect since November 22, 2000. (Sections 66, 93 and 136 of the Québec Mining Act)

Other types of construction In order to be granted authorization to erect a construction other than a tent, the titleholder must meet the following terms and conditions:

The authorization shall be granted de plano:

  • to a mining company registered in the Canadian Mines Handbook;
  • to a junior company that owns more than 10 claims, and that has filed more than $100,000 in cumulative assessment work over the last 15 years.
The authorization shall be granted upon request:
  • to a prospector who has filed more than $20,000 in cumulative assessment work over the last 15 years;
  • to a company who is a partner of a company involved in Québec, who already has authorization and whose property subject to the construction is formed of 10 claims or less. The authorization shall be valid for all titles held by the applicant.
In all other cases, the request for authorization shall be analyzed by a committee formed of three representatives from the Mines sector, namely from Géologie Québec, from the Service des titres miniers and from the Bureau de la conversion et des litiges miniers.

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