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February 2002

Important changes at MRN

Over the last year, the Secteur Mines of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles (MRN) has been proceeded to a major reorganization of its administrative units.
Part of the activities of the Direction de l'industrie minérale and the Direction des redevances et des titres miniers have been merged to create a new administrative unit: Direction du développement minéral.

Une partie des activités de la Direction de l'industrie minérale et de la Direction des redevances et des titres miniers ont été fusionnées au sein d'une nouvelle unité administrative : la Direction du développement minéral.

This branch now comprises:

This department's main responsibilities are:

  • Managing and applying the sections of the Mining Act.
  • Delivering and renewing prospecting licences.
  • Issuing staking tags.
  • Recording deeds related to mineral titles.
  • Updating the register of holders of mineral titles.
  • Receiving royalties from the mining of surface mineral substances.
  • Administering the provisions of the Mining Duties Act.
  • Rehabilitating mining sites.
  • Administering measures supporting the development of the mining industry.
  • Collating, processing, and disseminating data pertaining to Québec's mineral industry.

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