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November 2001

GESTIM: First anniversary… a promising future
Ghyslain Roy and Roch Gaudreau
Direction du développement minéral

GESTIM is a highly innovative management tool that provides instant access to all the information contained in the register of Québec mining titles (350,000 titles), and also makes it possible to apply for or renew a mining title on-line. Since coming into operation, the advantages of GESTIM have been recognized by mining title managers and other players in the mining field. With traditional staking methods now replaced by map designation, the acquisition of a claim cannot be challenged.

When GESTIM came into operation November 22, 2000, all the descriptive data was accessible, but not all the geographical data had been loaded. However, this problem did not prevent the implementation of the map designation method to cover the whole of Québec.

The loading of all the graphical elements into the GESTIM system is now complete. This colossal task required the input of over 11,200 files, including 1,901 NTS sheet files, 7,604 files indicating map designation cells, 1,558 township files and 224 seigniory files. Between November 22, 2000 and September 30, 2001, 34,573 new map-designated claims were registered, representing an increase of almost 10% in the proportion of Québec land covered by mining titles.

During the coming three months, the GESTIM team will concentrate on accelerating the update procedure and making a number of corrections suggested by system users. In addition, the GESTIM system will be transferred to a new geomatic support medium, GeoMedia, allowing a better match between products and the needs of users, and quicker delivery.

GESTIM makes its presence felt

GESTIM has become an increasingly indispensable tool for use in the mineral sector. This user-friendly system, based on cutting-edge technology, has given the MRN an enviable level of expertise in the field of land management.

Last March, GESTIM was a prizewinner in the Hommages 2001 contest organized as part of the Computer-Business trade show for Eastern Québec, winning first prize in the "government department" category and a special prize awarded by the panel of judges for the evening's best finalist. The objective of the contest was to highlight the applied use of information technologies in the public and parapublic sectors.

More recently, on October 15, GESTIM was honoured at the Canadian level during the Technology in Government week held at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull. GESTIM won a gold medal for Innovative Service Delivery in the Provinces, a category that recognizes and honours excellence and leadership in the use of information management and information technologies in the public sector. These recent successes reward the on-going efforts of the whole GESTIM team.

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