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DV 2013-02 - Report on Mineral Activities in Québec 2012


This document presents a complete overview on the mining industry.

Chapter 1 – A source of pride for Quebecers – Highlights
(PDF Format, 1,2 Mb)

Chapter 2 – Mining Regime and Land Access (PDF Format, 6,6 Mb)

Chapter 3 – Geoscience Work in Québec in 2012-2013 (PDF Format,2,9 Mb)

Chapter 4 – Mineral Exploration (PDF Format, 5,3 Mb)

Chapter 5 – Deposit Appraisal and Mine Development (PDF Format, 1,5 Mb)

Chapter 6 – Mineral Production (PDF Format, 3,7 Mb)

Chapter 7 – Mine Rehabilitation (PDF Format, 1,1 Mb)

Chapter 8 – Relations with Aboriginal Communities
(PDF Format, 67 kb)



Appendix I – Québec geological map and mining customer service offices in Québec (PDF Format, 9,4 Mb)

Appendix II – Legend of abbreviations used in tables (PDF Format, 56 kb)

Appendix III – The mineral development process (PDF Format, 1,0 Mb)

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