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This section provides access to several mining publications and maps produced by the Department.


  • Guide for public consultations conducted by the promoters of certain mining project (PDF Format, 565 Ko)
  • Guide to the organization of the monitoring committee (PDF Format, 379 Kb)
  • Québec's mining sector (PDF Format, 6,64 Mb)
    This document presents the mineral potential of substances and the main advantages of investing in the mining sector in Québec.
  • Guide for the preparation of a scoping and market study for processing in Québec (PDF Format, 890 Kb)

  • The Mineral Development Process (PDF Format, 366 Kb)
  • Québec mines
    This bulletin presents highlights of mineral exploration in Québec, taxation and the Mining Act.
  • Report on Mineral Activities in Québec
    This report presents an overview of the mining industry.
  • Earthquakes (GT 2011-01)
    This poster presents the processes responsible for earthquakes, the seismic activity in Québec between 1663 and 2010, and the measures to take before and during the event.
  • Geotourism map of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue (GT2010-03)
    This geotourism map is a unique and indispensable tool to know and understand the principal sites of geological interest in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.
  • Mineral deposit of Québec (GT2007-02)
    This document introduces to the distribution of resources for base and precious metals, minerals, rocks and peat
  • Québec's Dimensional granites (GT92-04)
    This poster presents the dimensional granite deposits in Québec.
  • Promotion Documents
    These documents describe potential exploration targets in Québec.
  • e-examine
    This application catalogues the data in the Department's mining information holdings: bibliographic data, reports, maps.
  • Claim
    This document presents the terms and conditions for granting a claim, the obligations of the claim holder to ensure its renewal and the requirements regarding assessment work.
  • Exploration and mining surface mineral substances
    This publication deals with the exploration and mining of surface mineral substances. Its purpose is to provide our clients about the terms and conditions for granting, exercising and renewing any rights related to these activities.
  • Mining leases and concessions
    This document deals with mining leases and concessions. It describes the conditions for issuing and renewing a mining lease, the rights and obligations of the holder of a mining lease or concession, the required authorizations for setting up a mill or for choosing the location of mine tailings, the obligations related to filing a mining site rehabilitation plan, the terms and conditions for subdividing the surface.
  • Conversion, replacement and amalgamation
    This publication presents the various measures implement in order to allow staked claims to be progressively replaced by map-designated claim and to standardize the shape and area of the parcels of land that can be designated on a map.

Mineral resource maps

This page contains maps produced by the Department or in collaboration with other organizations.