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Quarrying architectural stone


In 2007, there were 98  architectural stone quarries active in Québec. They mainly supplied:

  • rocks from anorthositic, charnockitic, and granitic suites to produce dimension stone;
  • steatite, soapstone and serpentinite for sculpture and to produce refractory plates;
  • slate for roofing tiles and flagstones;
  • limestone, sandstone, marble, schist and gneiss to produce dimension stone and landscaping stone.

Most architectural stone is supplied by quarries located in southern Québec. More than thirty-five companies, employing more than three hundred workers, specialize in quarrying stone.

With sixteen quarries, the Rivière-à-Pierre sector remains the largest architectural stone camp. The following areas are also sites of intensive activity.

  • Saint-Nazaire (six quarries)
  • Saint-Alexis-des-Monts–Saint-Didace (five quarries)

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