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Architectural dolomite quarrying in Québec

Dolomite has been quarried in a few locations in southern Québec. The dolomite has mainly been used as foundation stone (rubble stone).

Ordovician dolomites from the Beauharnois Formation of the Beekmantown Group have been used to build churches and houses (Jacob and Ledoux, 2003, p. 10). The stone was hard and brittle, which made it difficult to dimension and limited its use. Clark (1972, p. 212-213) found it surprising that this dolomite had not been used as building stone on a larger scale. Even though it takes on a buff colour when altered, this nearly pure dolomite which contains little quartz is still a quality stone.

In Québec, exploitation work has been recorded in the following thirteen areas, which are classified in alphabetic order of location regardless of the importance of the extracted stone volume. To obtain more geological and factual data, click on the corresponding link for each location.

Dolomite quarried for architectural purpose

Stratigraphic units
(Group; Formation)
Beauharnois Landscaping stone Beekmantown; Theresa
Lac Témiscamingue Cut stone, landscaping stone Liskeard; Farr
Lachute Cut stone, landscaping stone Beekmantown; Theresa
Laterrière Landscaping stone Mistassini; Albanel
Léry (Boisbriand) Cut stone, landscaping stone Beekmantown; Theresa
Portage-du-Fort Landscaping stone Beekmantown; Beauharnois
Sainte-Élisabeth Cut stone Beekmantown; Beauharnois
Sainte-Sophie - Saint-Jérôme Cut stone, landscaping stone Beekmantown; Theresa
Saint-Ferdinand Landscaping stone Oak Hill; White Brook
Saint-Lin-Laurentides Landscaping stone Beekmantown; Beauharnois
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Cut stone Beekmantown; Beauharnois
Thurso Cut stone Beekmantown; Beauharnois
Val-Billant Cut stone, landscaping stone Mont Wissick; Sayabec

Descriptive fact sheets for architectural dolomite quarries in Québec (available in French)


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