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The Québec cadastre shows your property on a plan, and identifies it by a lot number. The plan indicates the dimensions, area, shape and position of your property in relation to adjacent properties. The cadastre is a land register which consist of many plans and documents prepared by land surveyors.

The reform of the Québec cadastre

The land register has existed since 1860, but it is incomplete and contains some inaccuracies. The Department has begun to prepare a new cadastral plan in order to show all properties correctly. The work required will be carried out by land surveying firms. Property owners will not be charged for the cadastral work affecting their properties.

As part of the reform :

  • 750 000 lot descriptions that contain inaccuracies will be corrected
  • 850 000 properties that are not currently shown on the cadastral plan will be included

A new cadastre complete, accurate, computerized and constantly updated!

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