MERN- Legislative and Regulatory Framework

Petroleum and Natural Gas Information

Legislative and Regulatory Framework


The orientations and priority actions announced will, in some cases, require legislative and regulatory amendments. More generally, this will involve ensuring that, in the energy sector, Quebecers are covered by a flexible legislative and regulatory framework that eliminates red tape and needless costs and responds effectively to the challenges they must face.

Priority actions

In addition to various legislative and regulatory amendments, the Government has announced three further major initiatives:

  1. Provide a more effective response to the situation of low-income households.
  2. Define a clearer analysis process for energy projects, to further uphold the principles of sustainable development.
  3. Take the necessary legislative and regulatory steps to harmonize standards for the reliable transmission of electricity with those of our North American partners.

The new energy strategy will require extensive legislative and regulatory amendments. The Government intends:

  • to amend the regulations concerning the heating of buildings and the use of equipment in line with recommendations;
  • to deregulate the distribution of biogas;
  • to incorporate a good practice guide for seismic surveys in marine environments into the Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas, brine and underground reservoirs enacted pursuant to the Mining Act;
  • to subject seismic surveys to section 22 of the Environmental Quality Act.