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Energy Innovations


In many respects, innovation is the key to improving Québec’s performance in the energy field sector. The role played by innovation is even more crucial for new energy technologies: in this case, it is the condition for success and future development.

New energy technologies are the focus of extensive, innovative research and development work in Québec and around the world. These new technologies, known as “emerging” technologies, are already starting to help meet energy needs. Over time, their performance will gradually improve and their cost will drop, making them increasingly attractive as alternatives to traditional energy sources.

New energy technologies will be important in the future; at some point, they will replace traditional energy sources, which are increasingly scarce and costly. It is in Québec’s interest to invest in the development and promotion of new technologies, to support the energy sectors in which we have a genuine comparative advantage and to derive as much value as possible from our key assets.

Priority actions

To increase the pace at which new energy technologies are developed and take full advantage of existing potential, the Government has defined the five following priority actions:

  1. Establish a new financial and institutional framework to build an overall plan and strengthen support for innovation.
  2. Take specific action to development a renewable fuel industry in Québec.
  3. Support the development of geothermal and solar energy.
  4. Prepare for the future use of hydrogen fuels.
  5. Introduce regulatory incentives to encourage private initiatives.

In the new energy strategy, the Government places strong emphasis on innovation and R&D in the energy sector to increase the pace at which the most attractive technologies of most interest are implemented. Once again, the Government gives priority to renewable energy.

Québec has acquired expertise and know-how in the energy technology sector that will enable it to develop and make better use of the numerous and abundant sources of energy within its borders. Given the progress of new energy technology, it is reasonable to think that Québec will be able to ensure that various sectors can play a significant role in meeting our energy needs in the coming decades. Ethanol fuel and biodiesel are already used extensively, and offer excellent prospects for the future.

Québec intends to take up the challenge of technological innovation in the energy sector by making greater use of the new energy sources available to it and investing in present and future research. The means proposed in the energy strategy should enable it to do this. Innovation is the key to solving the energy issues of the future. The new energy strategy promotes innovation as a means of speeding up the use of new energy technologies.