Québec Mines + Énergie - November 18 to 21 2019 - Québec City Convention Center
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Artificial intelligence at work in the mining sector

Presenter: Alexandre Vallières and François-Michel De Rainville (AIWORX)

Date: November 19, 2018 from 9 a.m. to noon
Room: 309-B
Cost: $130
Student rate: $30

A driver of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) promises unparalleled opportunities to create value for industrial and manufacturing businesses. To solidify these advantages, Canadian businesses must position themselves now. They must determine where the best opportunities lie and then equip their companies with a vision and a plan for their first steps into the field. Do not miss this short course if you want to know more about current AI opportunities in the mining sector.

Artificial intelligence is one of the strongest links in the Industry 4.0 chain. There is great promise: data valorization, advanced automation, predictive analysis, etc.  The businesses that come out on top will be those that plan, starting now, on how they can use this technology to boost their competitive advantages or develop new ones.  Will your business be among them? Do you have the right tools?


  • Overview of artificial intelligence: what it is, its utility and possibilities, and the limitations of the technology;
  • Begin identifying specific opportunities for a mine or a primary processing plant;
  • Respond to your issues:
    • What are the steps of an AI project?
    • What are the costs? How long will the project take?
    • Is your plant ready for AI?
    • Which data should be chosen and maintained? How to pick the best algorithms?
    • And any other questions you would like to ask an AI expert!

Theme: Mining