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If you are a Québec Government employee

Before registering, please contact us by telephone at 1 866 249-0649 or by e-mail at CarrefourQuebecMines@mern.gouv.qc.ca.

Please note that these optional activities will be presented in French only, and that simultaneous interpretation services will not be provided unless otherwise indicated. An attestation will be issued to participants who attend training sessions.

If you are visiting from abroad

You must first register for the Congress. Once you have done this, you may contact us if you need a letter giving reasons for your visit to Canada. Some embassies and consulates can take several weeks to process visa applications, so we recommend that you begin the process as quickly as possible. Please contact your national authority for detailed instructions. Applications received after October 12, 2018, cannot be processed.

Reimbursement and substitution

No reimbursements will be made after October 12, 2018. A single substitution will be allowed on site, but only if the person who originally registered has not yet used his or her pass.