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Geoscientific and prospector
exhibitors list

Geoscientific space

G01 Plaque for emeritus geologists
G02 Golden Hammer
G03 Association québécoise des sciences de la Terre (AQUEST)
G04 Field school
G05 Sustainable development at Géologie Québec
G06 Principal mineral areas in Canada

Secteur des terres et des minéraux (Ressources naturelles Canada)

G07 Producing Mines
G08 Mining Projects
G09 Discover an exciting work environment!

Direction générale des ressources humaines et des ressources informationnelles

G10 New publications from the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles – 2017-2018
G11 2017-2018 programming – Geoscience studies
G12 2017-2018 programming of the Bureau de la connaissance géoscientifique du Québec (BCGQ)
G13 Reconstructing the architecture of the Western Grenville Province in 4D – Project objectives and preliminary results along Highway 117, Québec

Christopher Lambert, Félix Gervais (Polytechnique), Abdelali Moukhsil (MERN)

G14 Formation and preservation of rutile in Grenvillian eclogites NE of Manicouagan Reservoir

Charles Kavanagh-Lepage, Félix Gervais (Polytechnique), Abdelali Moukhsil (MERN)

G15 Physical properties of gabbronorites and syenites in the Haute-Mauricie region, western Grenville

Évelyne Sunatori (UL), Abdelali Moukhsil (MERN), Marc Constantin (UL)

G16 The Allochthonous Belt of the central Grenville as a source of pegmatites: What is the REE potential?

François Turlin, Anne-Sylvie André-Mayer (U de Lorraine), Olivier Vanderhaeghe (U de Toulouse), Félix Gervais (Polytechnique), Abdelali Moukhsil, Fabien Solgadi (MERN), Armin Zeh (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Étienne Deloule (CRPG)

G17 Petrologic and geochemical characterization of mafic and ultramafic intrusions of the Colomb-Chaboullié Belt (James Bay)

Pape Doudou Tague, Sarah-Jane Barnes (UQAC), Daniel Bandyayera (MERN) et Philippe Pagé (UQAC)

G18 Structural and metamorphic study of the Nemiscau Subprovince, James Bay, Québec: Tectonic evolution of an Archean sedimentary basin

Rocio Pedreira Pérez, Alain Tremblay (UQAM), Yannick Daoudène, Daniel Bandyayera (MERN)

G19 Volcanic stratigraphy and volcanogenic mineralization of the Archean Colomb-Chaboullié Belt, James Bay

Sarah Galloway, Pierre-Simon Ross (INRS-ETE), Daniel Bandyayera, Yannick Daoudene (MERN)

G20 The Hillhouse showing: An example of the stratigraphy and gold potential of the Upper Eastmain Greenstone Belt, Eeyou Istchee James Bay

Jonathan Marleau (UQAM), Stéphane De Souza, Anne-Marie Beauchamp, Frédéric Massei (MERN)

G21 Study of ultramafic intrusions of the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces

Alban Duvernois (UQAT), Jean Goutier (MERN)

G22 Geochronology and metamorphism of the northwestern Opinaca Subprovince, Eeyou Istchee James Bay

Myriam Côté-Roberge, Carl Guilmette (UL), Jean Goutier (MERN), Don Davis (UofT), Matthijs Smit (UBC), Lyal Harris (INRS-ETE)

G23 Geology and mineralization of the La Pointe deposit, Lac Sakami, Eeyou Istchee James Bay

Jean-Philippe Fleury, George Beaudoin (UL), François Huot (consultant), Jean Goutier (MERN), Carl Guilmette (UL)

G24 Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) potential in the Chibougamau-Chapais district, Abitibi Subprovince (Québec)

Rémi Clairet, Damien Gaboury (UQAC), François Leclerc, Patrick Houle (MERN)

G25 Thermal conditions and deformation distribution in ductile shear zones of the Core Zone, southeastern Churchill Province

Marc-Antoine Vanier, Carl Guilmette (UL), Lyal Harris (INRE-ETE), Nathan Cleven (UL), Kyle Larson (UBCO), Antoine Godet (UL), Isabelle Lafrance (MERN)

G26 Burial and peak metamorphism of the middle crust in the New Quebec Orogen: Petrochronologic constraints and P-T-t evolution

Antoine Godet, Carl Guilmette (UL), Loic Labrousse (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Matthijs Smit (UBC), Don Davis (UofT), Marc-Antoine Vanier (UL), Benoit Charette, Isabelle Lafrance (MERN)

G27 Synthesis of the southeastern Churchill Province

Isabelle Lafrance, Guillaume Mathieu, Benoit Charette (MERN)

G28 Synthesis of the southeastern Churchill Province

Isabelle Lafrance, Guillaume Mathieu, Benoit Charette (MERN)

G29 Geology of the Cap Wolstenholme region, Ungava Orogen, Churchill Province (NTS 35K)

Benoit Charette, Martin Parent, Lynda Paquette, Mélanie Beaudette (MERN)

G30 Geological survey of the northern part of the Labrador Trough and the eastern part of the Minto Subprovince, Kangirsuk area (Rivière Arnaud region)

Carl Bilodeau, Emmanuel Caron-Côté (MERN)

G31 Geology of the Ile Bohier and Monts Otish regions, Eeyou Istchee James Bay (NTS 33A01, 33A08, 23D04 and 23D05)

Anne-Marie Beauchamp, Frédéric Massei (MERN)

G32 Geological survey of the La Grande and Nemiscau subprovinces east of Waskaganish, Eeyou Istchee James Bay (Lac Champion area)

Daniel Bandyayera, Yannick Daoudene, Francis Talla Takam (MERN)

G33 Geology of the Borgia region, West Grenville, Québec (31P09, 31P10, 31P15 and 31P16)

Abdelali Moukhsil, Gabriel Côté (MERN)

G34 Presentation of aeromagnetic surveys completed in 2017

Rachid Intissar, Julie Vallières (MERN)

G35 Inventory of aggregate resources in the Sept-Îles and Rimouski regions

André Brazeau, Guillaume Raymond, Christophe Langevin (MERN)

G36 Quaternary mapping and glacial drift prospecting in the Baie Abatagouche area: Preliminary results

Mohamed El Amrani (MERN), Antoine Carré (UL)

G37 Glacial drift prospecting and Quaternary mapping of the Otish and Tichegami mountains

Virginie Daubois, Olivier Lamarche (MERN)

G38 Quaternary mapping and glacial drift prospecting of the Lac Nemiscau area (part of 32N)

Olivier Lamarche, Virginie Daubois (MERN)


G39 Geology of surficial deposits of the Rivière Arnaud region (24M and 25D)

Hugo Dubé-Loubert (MERN), Simon Hébert, Martin Roy (UQAM)

G40 Contributions of high-resolution satellite imagery to Quaternary mapping and glacial transport analysis: Examples from the Kangirsuk region (Ungava, Nunavik)

Simon Hébert, Martin Roy (UQAM), Hugo Dubé-Loubert (MERN)

G41 Study of synvolcanic alteration in the Escoumins Belt (central Grenville, Québec): Implications for VMS exploration in metamorphosed terrane

Pierre-Arthur Groulier, Aphrodite Indares (Memorial U), Abdelali Moukhsil (MERN), Stephen J. Piercey (Memorial U)

G42 Silica potential in Québec

N’golo Togola

G43 Silica in Quebec

N’golo Togola (MERN)

G44 Slates of Québec

N’golo Togola, Ricardo Escobar (MERN)

G45 Technological applications for high-purity quartz

Dominic Fragasso, Denis Blackburn (MERN)

G46 The theater of energy innovation presents actors and staging

Charles Roy (MERN)

G47 Typology of porphyritic intrusions and relationship with deformation in the eastern Val-d’Or area
Alizée Lienard (UQAC), Pierre Pilote (MERN), Réal Daigneault, Lucie Mathieu (CERM/UQAC)
G48 Geology and compilation of the La Corne area (32C05-NW), Abitibi

Pierre Pilote (MERN), Réal Daigneault (CERM-UQAC), Jean David, Christelle Lambert, James Moorhead (MERN)

G49 Favourable exploration zones determined by multiple spatial regression using lake-bottom sediment data from surveys in the Lac Assinica area, southeastern Abitibi and northeastern Mistassini

Fabien Solgadi (MERN)

G50 Status of new geoscience compilations in Québec

Pierre Lacoste, Ghyslain Roy, Simon Auclair, Simon Bourassa, Charles St-Hilaire, Julie Vallières, N’golo Togola, Mona Baker, Marie-Andrée Vézina, Nathalie Bouchard, Ricardo Escobar, Jean Marie Nzengue (MERN)

G51 Geochemistry and petrogenesis of volcanic and sedimentary rocks in the southwestern Pontiac Subprovince (Témiscamingue)

Marc Richer-Laflèche (INRS-ETE), Jean Goutier et James Moorhead (MERN)

G52 Bulletin géologiQUE: A new way to disseminate geological information

Marie-Andrée Vézina (MERN)

G53 Québec’s stratigraphic lexicon: An essential tool for the geoscientific community

Mehdi Guemache, Mona Baker (MERN)

G54 Social acceptability: Beyond the concept, PRACTICAL TOOLS for the industry and local communities

Claude Leblanc, Marie-Hélène Côté, Réjeanne Pouliot (MERN)

G55 The three aspects of metallurgy

Denis Blackburn (MERN)

G56 IRON: A giant among metals

Denis Blackburn (MERN)

G57 Rare earth elements

Denys Laplante (MERN)

G58 Hydrogeology in the mineral development process

Jacinthe Paquet (MERN)

G59 Mine site restoration at the Gouvernement du Québec

Olivia Dawson (MERN)

G60 Adaptation of the mining sector to climate change

Katrie Bergeron, Louis Bienvenu (MERN)

G61 Support program for R&D in the mining sector

François Belle-Isle, Katrie Bergeron, Louis Bienvenu, Claude Dion, Benjamin St-Pierre (MERN)

G62 Paragenetic and lithogeochemical signatures of polymetallic metasomatic systems containing iron oxides, alkaline and calcic elements: Exploration tools and interpretation

Louise Corriveau (GSC-Q), Olivier Blein (BRGM), Anthony Reid (Geological Survey of South Australia), Pierre-Henri Trapy, Félix Gervais (Polytechnique), Alain Cayer, Jocelyn Pelletier, Mia Pelletier (Kintavar)

G63 Geochemical fingerprint of the orogenic gold mineralisation in the Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault Zone, Abitibi, Canada

Yu-Mao Meng (UdeM)

G64 The Taschereau-Amos-Senneterre segment and its metallogenic potential

Stéphane Faure, Réal Daigneault (UQAC)

G65 Drill grid optimization for resource estimation

Lucie Mathieu, Réal Daigneault  (UQAC), Robert Namour (Glencore Ltd), Stéphanie Lavaure (Arianne Phosphate)

G66 Indicator mineral identification by mXRF

Laurène-Marie Wavrant, Georges Beaudoin et Émilie Bédard (UL)

G67 Chalcopyrite as an indicator mineral for deposit type discrimination: A preliminary study

Émilie Bédard, Audrey Goulet, Anne-Aurélie Sappin, Georges Beaudoin, Sheida Makvandi (UL)

G68 Physicochemical properties of detrital iron oxides as provenance indicators: Case study from the Kiggavik uranium district (Nunavut, Canada)

Sheida Makvandi, Georges Beaudoin (UL), David Quirt, Patrick Ledru (Areva Resources Canada), Beth McClenaghan (GSC-O)

G69 Trace element composition of iron oxides from IOCG and IOA deposits : Relationship to hydrothermal alteration and deposit subtypes

Xiao-Wen Haung (UL, Chinese Academy of Science), Émilie Boutroy (Mines Agnico Eagle), Georges Beaudoin (UL), Louise Corriveau, Sheida Makvandi (UL), Antony Franco De Toni (SOQUEM)

G70 Optical recognition of sulphide and oxide grains using a multispectral camera

Ludivine Mathieu, L. Paul Bédard, Alexandre Néron (UQAC), Réjean Girard (IOS Services Géoscientifiques)

G71 In situ measurements of gold in mining samples using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Maryline Castello, Marc Constantin, Marcel Laflamme (UL), Kheireddine Rifai CNRC/UL), Blandine Nguegang Kamwa (UL), Mohammed Sabsabi (CNRC), François Vidal (INRS-EMT), Fytas Konstantynos (UL), Paul Bouchard (CNRC)

G72 Optimization of an in situ sampling strategy for gold ore using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Blandine Nguegang Kamwa, Marcel Laflamme, Marc Constantin (UL), Kheireddine Rifai (CNRC/UL), Maryline Castello (UL), Mohammed Sabsabi (CNRC), François Vidal (INRS-EMT), Fytas Konstantynos (UL), Paul Bouchard, Alain Blouin (CNRC)

G73 Geology and Geochemistry of Mafic-Ultramafic Sills in the Northern Permits, Raglan Ni-Cu-(PGE) District, Cape Smith Belt, Nunavik, Québec

Dylan J. McKevitt, C. Michael Lesher (LaurentianU),  Michel G. Houlé (GSC-Q)

G74 Assessing the distribution of alteration mineralogy and spatial variation of mineral chemistry in the footwall rocks of the northern Bug Gold Trend: implications for exploration vectoring

Marie Létourneau, Daniel J. Kontak, Joe Petrus (LaurentianU) et Darin Wagner (Balmoral Resources)

G75 3D integration and visualization of key mineral potential data: Potential for local and regional exploration

Valentine Le Grand De Mercey, Marie Kieffer, Audrey Roudon, Damien Gaboury, Réal Daigneault (UQAC)

G76 3D integration and visualization of key mineral potential data: Application to the former Cooke mine, Chapais

Valentine Le Grand De Mercey, Marie Kieffer, Audrey Roudon, Damien Gaboury, Réal Daigneault (UQAC)

G77 Primary and structural controls on the nature and distribution of gold and silver in mineralized zones on the B26 Project, Brouillan Complex, Abitibi, Québec

Quentin Fayard (UQAC), Patrick Mercier-Langevin (GSC-Q), Serge Perreault (SOQUEM), Réal Daigneault (UQAC)

G78 Gold mineralization associated with felsic dyke swarms: Fundamental parameters in the formation of large deposits? The case of DragonGold 167, Chibougamau

Jacynthe Bleau, Adrien Boucher, Gaétan Clément, Damien Gaboury (UQAC)

G79 Perigranitic mineralization of the East-Sullivan Pluton, Val-d’Or district, Abitibi

Florent Bigot (UQAM), Philippe Berthelot (Alexandria Minerals), Michel Jébrak (UQAM)

G80 Controls on gold distribution in the Horne 5 deposit, Rouyn-Noranda, Québec

Alexandre Krushnisky (INRS-ETE), Patrick Mercier-Langevin (GSC-Q), Pierre-Simon Ross (INRS-ETE), Vicki McNicoll (GSC-O), Jean Goutier (MERN), Lyndsay Moore (McGill), Claude Pilote, Claude Bernier (Ressources Falco)

G81 Nature and style of hydrothermal alteration associated with gold mineralization at the LaRonde Zone 5 Project (LZ-5), Abitibi, Québec

Émile Boily-Auclair (UL), Patrick Mercier-Langevin (GSC-Q), David Pitre (Mines Agnico Eagle), Georges Beaudoin (UL)

G82 Geology and metallogeny of the Pierre gold deposit, Menarik Property, James Bay

Maxym-Karl Hamel-Hébert, Stéphane De Souza (UQAM), François Goulet (Harfang Exploration), Hugues Guérin-Tremblay (Laurentia Exploration), Michel Gauthier (Gardin), Normand Goulet (UQAM)

G83 Trace element characterization of native gold from orogenic gold deposits

Haiming Liu (UL)

G84 Peperite in the Pontiac Subprovince: Evidence of magmatism during the formation of a sedimentary basin

Adrian Rehm, Taus R.C. Jørgensen, Harold L. Gibson, Bruno Lafrance (ULaurentienne)

G85 Kwyjibo Project: Petrologic characterization of rare earth mineralization in an iron oxide-apatite deposit, Grenville Province

David Martineau, Anthony E. William-Jones (McGill), Serge Perreault (SOQUEM)

G86 Petrographic and geochemical study of pyrochlore in the carbonatite of the Saint-Honoré Alkaline Complex, Saguenay region, Québec

Donovan Desjardins, L. Paul Bédard (UQAC)

G87 Geology and evolution of the Tiegelongnan porphyry-epithermal Cu (Au) deposit in Tibet, China

Chao Yang, Georges Beaudoin (UL), Juxing Tang (Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences)

G88 Structural and lithological controls on gold in banded iron formations: Overview of the Tiriganiaq deposit, Meliadine district

Brayden St.Pierre (INRS-ETE), Patrick Mercier-Langevin (GSC-Q), Michel Malo (INRS-ETE), Jean-Claude Blais, Guillhem Servelle, Marjorie Simard et Morgan Hjorth (Mines Agnico-Eagle)

G89 Analysis of glacial sediments by counting clasts and gold grains at the Amaruq Property, Nunavut

Nicolas Boulianne-Verschelden, Victor de Bronac de Vazelhes, Georges Beaudoin (UL), Isabelle McMartin (GSC-O), Olivier Côté-Mantha, Marjorie Simard (Mines Agnico Eagle)

G90 3D stochastic assimilation of geophysical data for the Lalor deposit, Manitoba, Canada

Shiva Tirdad, Abderezzak Bouchedda, Erwan Gloaguen (INRS-ETE), J. Christian Dupuis (UL)

G91 Preliminary results of the Quaternary mapping project in the Laval, Laurentides and Lanaudière regions

Carole-Anne Kenny, Robert-André Daigneault, François Hardy, Martin Roy, Michel Lamothe (UQAM)

G92 Late-quaternary glacial to postglacial sedimentation in three adjacent fjord-lakes on the Québec North shore: insights from sedimentological and micropaleontological analysis

Obinna P. Nzekwe, Pierre Français (INRS-ETE, GEOTOP), Guillaume St-Onge (UQAR, GEOTOP), Patrick Lajeunesse (UL), Camille Brice, Anne De Vernal (GEOTOP), Antoine G. Poiré (INRS-ETE, UL), Édouard G.H. Philippe (Inst. Physique du Globe, GEOTOP), David Fortin (Northern Arizona Un.), Alexandre Normandeau (GSC-A)

G93 The use of mining boreholes as a key tool for heat flow estimation in geothermal energy research: data from the Labrador Trough, Northern Québec

Mafalda Alexandra Miranda, Jasmin Raymond, Inès Kanzari, Nicolò Giordano (INRS-ETE), Crystel Dezayes (BRGM)

G94 Evaluation of the geothermal potential at the Éléonore mine

Edgardo Jose Alvaro, Jasmin Raymond, Félix-Antoine Comeau (INRS-ETE), David Labrecque (Goldcorp)

G95 Comprehensive evaluation of open stope geometry effect on the probability of stope failure

Shahriyar Heidarzadeh, Ali Saeidi et Alain Rouleau (UQAC)

G96 Use of 3D modelling to determine the dimensions of backfilled stopes at the Niobec mine

Sandra Lalancette, Ali Saeidi, Alain Rouleau (UQAC)

G97 Real-time microseismic monitoring of mines

Ana Cecilia Dip, Bernard Giroux, Erwan Gloaguen (INRS-ETE)

G98 Evaluating the effect of intact rock groundmass resistance on the hydraulic rock erodibility process

Lamine Boumaiza, Ali Saeidi (UQAC), Marco Quirion (Hydro-Québec)

G99 The study of secular equilibrium in tailings

Claire Dalencourt, Dominic Larivière (UL)

G100 Development of a process to recover metals of interest in alkaline battery waste

Kulchaya Tanong, Lan Huong Tran, Lucie Coudert, Guy Mercier, Jean-Francois Blais (INRS-ETE)

G101 Optimization of an acid extraction method for rare earth elements in bauxite tailings

Julie Rochette, Dominic Laverdière (UL)

G102 How the principles of plant succession and microbial associations can be used for successful low-cost mine site rehabilitation, with no amendments and no site preparation

Sébastien Roy, Sophie Lalonde, Pier-Anne Bélanger, Louis Garneau, Kathleen Barrette, Martine Migneault (USherbrooke)

G103 Using indigenous micro-organisms to improve the survival and development of pioneer plants when rehabilitating disturbed sites

Sophie Lalonde, Sébastien Roy (USherbrooke)

G104 The root microbiome: A promising tool for improved performance of indigenous shrubs in mine site rehabilitation in Québec

Louis Garneau, Pascale B. Beauregard, Sébastien Roy (USherbrooke)

G105 The 50-year natural colonization of a gold mining site: Comparison of microbial populations, basic soil structure and potential for heavy metal translocation to vegetation

Vanessa Gagnon (USherbrooke-CNRC), Michaël Rodrigue-Morin (USherbrooke), Charles W. Greer (CNRC-McGill), Sébastien Roy (USherbrooke)

G106 Isolation and selection of fungal endophytes for phytostabilization of heavy metals in soil

Steve Lalancette, Carole Beaulieu, Sébastien Roy (USherbrooke)

G107 Self-recovery of boreal biodiversity at mine sites: The relative importance of substrate conditions and human disturbances

Antoine Tardif, Bill Shipley, Chiara Chelo (CEF), Jean-Philippe Bellenger et Sébastien Roy (SÈVE)

G108 Acid mine drainage toxicity and translocation potential of alder, an excellent shrub for mine site restoration

Michaël Rodrigue-Morin, Jean-Philippe Bellenger, Sébastien Roy (USherbrooke)

G109 Canada’s Geoparks

Pierre Verpaelst

G110 The Percé Geopark: Discover 500 million years of history!

Géoparc de Percé

G111 The Charlevoix Astrobleme Geopark

Comité du Géoparc de l’Astroblème de Charlevoix

G112 The Saguenay Fjord Geopark Project

Promotion Saguenay

G113 GT – Les événements géologiques importants au Québec

Prospector space

P01 Vital Arsenault, prospector
P02 Association des prospecteurs du Nord du Québec
P03 Gilles Bouchard, prospector
P04 Association des prospecteurs de la Haute-Côte-Nord
P05 Léopold Tremblay and Marcel Saint-Laurent, prospectors
P06 Paul Gagnon and Roger Ouellet, prospectors
P07 Jean-Louis Tremblay and Frank Guillemette, prospectors