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Conference sessions

All conferences are available with simultaneous translation.

Date Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Symposium on energy innovation minerals 2.0
November 21
Tuesday morning
Social acceptability: Beyond the concept – Real tools for the mining industry
Chair: Claude Leblanc (MERN)
Geochemical signature of indicator minerals: Application to exploration
Chairs: Georges Beaudoin (UL) and Simon Auclair (MERN)
Energies for mines: Batteries guiding mine development by changing challenges into possibilities
Chairs: Andrea Amortegui (MERN) and Gilles LeBlanc (NRCan)
November 21
Tuesday afternoon
World supply and demand perspectives for mineral resources for 2020
Chairs: Jean-Philippe Brosseau (RCGT) and Daoudou Nassaya (MERN)
The Grenville province: Tectonic history and mineral potential
Chairs: Abdelali Moukhsil (MERN) and Michel Gauthier (Gardin)
Innovative examples of development and restoration of mine tailings
Chairs: Josée Morency (MERN) and Nathalie Tremblay (AMQ)
Relationship between Mines and Lithium-Ion
Chairs: Jean-Yves Huot and Christina Bock (CNRC)
November 22
Wednesday morning
Components 1 and 2 – Digital Mining Organization
Chair: Alain Beauséjour (MISA)
Gold Metallogeny – New Concepts and Their Applications
Chairs: Patrick Mercier-Langevin (GSC-Q) and Jean-Yves Labbé (MERN)
Challenges and Innovations in Mine Engineering
Chairs: Marcel Laflamme (UL) and Louis Bienvenu (MERN)
Silica: Examples of Use in New Technologies
Chairs: Dominic Fragasso and N’golo Togola (MERN)
November 22
Wednesday afternoon
Components 3 and 4 – Digital Mining Organization
Chair: Alain Beauséjour (MISA)
Gold Mineralization in the Abitibi Subprovince
Chairs: Réal Daigneault (CONSOREM/UQAC) and Pierre Pilote (MERN)
Metallurgy applied to gold mining
Chairs: Denys Laplante and Denis Blackburn (MERN)
Energy Innovation Minerals and Their Beneficial Impacts on the Demand for Base Metals
Chairs: Charles Roy (MERN) and Mickaël Dollé (UdeM)
November 23
Thursday morning
The Circular Economy: An Opportunity for the Mining Sector
Chair: Mélanie McDonald (EDDEC)
Gold in Metamorphic Terrains – The Example of Eeyou Istchee James Bay: Towards a Better Understanding
Chairs: Benoît Dubé (GSC-Q) and Patrice Roy (MERN)