Jean-Philippe Paiement

Mira Geosciences

Jean-Philippe Paiement is Director of Consulting Services at Mira Geoscience Ltd. He brings 15 years of experience in mineral exploration, including expertise in geostatistics applied to stdructural, geological and geochemical modelling and interpretation; specializing in non-linear interpolation and simulation. Jean-Philippe has developed new approaches to reduce the risks of geological data interpretation. Jean-Philippe has extensive experience in mineral resource estimation in various geological environments around the world. In 2016, Jean-Philippe pioneered the application of machine learning to the mineral exploration industry by winning the Integra GoldRush challenge; applying machine learning to mineral deposit targeting. He is developing new applications of machine learning to overcome geological and geophysical challenges; combining geological knowledge, supervised learning or deep learning. Prior to joining Mira Geoscience, he obtained a Master of Science degree from Université Laval. Jean-Philippe currently works in the City of Québec.