Florent Bouguin

Groupe Optel

Florent Bouguin is the Chief Technology Officer of Groupe OPTEL. He has extensive experience in developing new technologies and commercial solutions to measure and reduce human impacts on our environment. After graduating from École Polytechnique (Orléans, France) and completing his graduate studies at Université Laval, Mr. Bouguin worked as a systems engineer for ABB in the aerospace field. Holding several technical and management positions during a period of 15 years, he contributed to the development of space-based analyzers for greenhouse gas observation, weather forecasting and ozone measurement. He joined Groupe OPTEL Group in 2016 as Vice President of Engineering and Operations and helped expand the company into the life sciences industry. Now Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Bouguin leads OPTEL Group’s technology and market entry strategy. He works with the President and the Executive Committee to define the vision and establish the strategy, objectives and policies of the company. A father of two and an ultramarathoner, Mr. Bouguin’s motivation is to promote a balance between family life, active life and professional life.