Dominique Deschênes


As an experienced engineer and manager, Dominique Deschênes is the Associate Deputy Minister of the Secteur de l’innovation et de la transition énergétiques at the ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles. She has over 10 years of work experience in this department, where she has taken on various responsibilities over the years.

Before joining the public service, she worked with EXFO, first as an engineer, then as a manager. Ms. Deschênes has more than twenty years of engineering and management experience in both the private and public sectors.

Ms. Deschênes’ extensive experience allows her to understand the environmental, economic and social issues surrounding Québec’s energy transition. Her management skills enable her to carry out her mandate in a way that is compatible with the reality of all the stakeholders involved in this major societal project.

On a daily basis, she works with her multidisciplinary team of over 150 people on innovative projects with great enthusiasm, never losing sight of her primary motivation, which is to contribute to Québec’s energy transition.