Anne-Aurélie Sappin

Commission géologique du Canada

Anne-Aurélie Sappin has been a research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) since 2017. She is currently the team leader of the research activity on felsic to alkaline magmatic systems and their critical mineral resources in the central and eastern portions of the Canadian Shield as part of the GSC Targeted Geoscience Initiative. Her work is aimed at better understanding the mechanisms responsible for the formation of critical and strategic mineral deposits (e.g., Ni, Cu, PGE, Ti, V, REE, Nb), as well as the geological setting for the emplacement of the magmatic rocks hosting this mineralization. She is also Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences and Associate Professor at INRS and Université Laval, and received her doctorate from Université Laval in 2012.