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The Québec mining industry’s leading

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Conference Description

Québec Mines: A Can’t Miss Event!

Québec Mines is an annual conference organized for over 35 years by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources. Its objective is to promote Quebec’s mineral potential from a sustainable development perspective. This unique conference brings together personalities from across the mining world.

It’s also a place of synergy and geoscientific exchange where innovation is honored. Québec Mines offers a high caliber program that includes training, conferences, networking opportunities and many other surprises.

It’s the Quebec mining industry’s premier conference.


Québec Mines 2017 Topic: Exchange – Innovate – Excel

Come EXCHANGE with all mining development partners and take of advantage to INNOVATE with the continuous development of your knowledge. What could be better than to further EXCEL in 2017!


Québec Mines Discovery: Interactive and Popular Activities for Youth and the General Public

The proposed activities at Québec Mines Discovery provide students and the general public with mining development knowledge.


History of the Québec Mines conference

1980 – Seminar on geological and mining research (Séminaire sur la recherche géologique et minérale) launched
2003 – Québec Exploration conference launched
2012 – Québec Mines conference launched