Québec Mines + Énergie - November 18 to 21 2019 - Québec City Convention Center

Description of the Congress

Québec Mines + Énergie is an annual congress organized by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles. Its purpose is to promote Québec’s mineral potential and energy sector from a sustainable development perspective. It is a unique event that attracts personalities from every horizon of the mining and energy communities.

It is also a forum for synergy and exchanges of geoscientific knowledge, where innovation takes centre stage. Québec Mines + Énergie offers a high-calibre program including training sessions, conferences and networking opportunities.

Québec Mines + Énergie celebrates its 40th anniversary this year

This year, the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Québec Mines, now known as Québec Mines + Énergie. The organizing committee is therefore preparing a special congress entitled “Resources to Shape the Future”, highlighting the key moments of the last 40 years while looking resolutely towards future trends in the mining and energy sectors. There are also some surprises in store in the program, training sessions and networking activities!

Good news! The Energy component is back!

The Energy component of the Congress is back for the 2019 edition! We were told by many of you that it gave new life to the event, and we heard what you had to say! The organizing committee is working hard to put together a program that will address the needs of both the mining and energy sectors, along with conferences specific to each individual sector.

Québec Mines + Énergie Découverte: Interactive events tailored specifically to schoolchildren

The activities offered by Québec Mines + Énergie Découverte provide an opportunity for schoolchildren to learn more about mining and energy development.