Regulations governing the development of private generating facilities

Projects for small hydroelectric power stations promoted by local or Native communities

The Government intends to allow regions to develop projects for small hydroelectric power stations. It believes that communities should be able to develop small projects that are supported by the local population, generate benefits for the region and are under community control.

To help communities understand the process for constructing a power station of 50 MW or less, the MERN has prepared the Reference Guide for Local and Aboriginal communities .

The reference guide sets out the stages in the development of a small power station project. It has been designed as a practical guide to facilitate project design and development.

The guide emphasizes the need for promoters to set clear guidelines for ethics and transparency.
Before obtaining a lease on water power in the domain of the State, the promoters whose projects have been accepted under Hydro-Québec’s power purchasing program will have to obtain the necessary environmental authorizations.