Hydroelectric dams in Québec

Québec has based a large part of its economic growth and activities in the energy sector on the development of the extensive water resources found throughout its territory. The results obtained have been spectacular, since Québec has become a leading player at the world level in the field of electricity generation and use.

Québec is Canada’s leading producer of hydroelectricity. It also has one of the world’s largest hydroelectric facilities, the La Grande complex in the Baie James sector of the Nord-du-Québec region. Hydroelectricity accounts for almost 97% of all the electricity used in Québec.

Québec has strong potential in the form of smaller hydroelectric sites whose development, at a competitive cost, can contribute to economic development. Projects to harness water power bring important economic benefits to outlying regions and help create jobs. This type of resource development is undertaken in partnership with the communities concerned, giving them an opportunity to take charge of their own economic development.

Québec firms acting as the promoters and operators of small power stations, as well as the engineering consultants they employ, have developed a level of expertise that allows them to extend their activities both inside and outside Québec.