Public consultation on the guide of monitoring committees

The consultation period is now closed

The Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles (MERN) submitted to a public consultation a good practices guide for the establishment and operation of a monitoring committee intended for project promoters and local actors. The guide also presents the legal obligations to which are subject mining lease holders and hydrocarbon exploration, production or storage licence holders, pursuant to the Mining Act.

The guide is entitled Good practices guide for project promoters and local actors, and legal obligations of monitoring committees – preliminary version – May 2018 and was elaborated in the context of the implementation of the MERN’s social acceptability guidelines picto-pdf.

The consultation period is now closed. We warmly thank the participants whose contributions, will allow us to improve the Guide. You will find in the interim review of the consultation picto-pdf a summary of the consultation process and the topics raised by participants.


Other comments

Next steps

During the summer of 2018, comments and suggestions from participants will be analyzed in detail and taken into account in the revision of the Guide. A consultation of MERN’s government partners, on a new version of the document, will follow in the fall of 2018.

The final versions of the guide and the public consultation report are planned for publication in winter 2018-2019, after consultation with the MERN’s government partners. This guide will replace the guide published in fall 2016, titled Guide to the Organization of the Monitoring committee – Section 101.0.3 of the Mining Act.