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Public Service Statement


The Public Service Statement is a commitment by the Ministère l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles (MERN) to the citizens of Québec and business users, in which the MERN undertakes to provide good quality professional services in the energy, mining and land sectors.

See the Public Service Statement picto-pdf (in French only)

Our Clients

The MERN’s client base includes citizens and business users.

The MERN’s client base is composed mainly of the following groups:

  • vacation users;
  • holders of land rights;
  • professionals, especially in the land, energy and mineral resource sectors, land surveyors, certified assessors, notaries, lawyers, agents, architects, engineers, mine prospectors, and so on;
  • equipment manufacturers, service companies and the associations and bodies that represent the energy and mineral resource sectors, including renewable energies;
  • companies and industries that consume large amounts of energy;
  • mine, petroleum and gas exploration companies and energy product distribution and transportation companies;
  • promoters of industrial, commercial and residential projects on public land, or projects involving energy and mineral resource development.

Our Products and Services

The range of products and services provided by the MERN brings it into regular contact with citizens and companies.

The MERN’s main products and services are:

  • granting of public land occupation rights and mining rights;
  • granting of the permits, licences and authorizations needed to explore and extract the natural resources under its authority;
  • registration and publication of land-related information;
  • development support programs, advisory services and educational programs;
  • theme-based maps and databases;
  • publication of analysis and applied research results, guides and technical tools.