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Public land, which accounts for 92% of Québec’s total territory, makes a significant contribution to the province’s socio-economic development through its broad range of resources. The development of all these natural resources creates tens of thousands of jobs in a variety of economic sectors, and benefits all the regions.

The MERN’s role is to manage Québec’s land and resources.

Mission: To manage and support the development of land, energy and mineral resources in Québec, with a view to achieving sustainable development.

To fulfill its mission, the MERN relies first and foremost on the everyday commitment of its staff and their expertise. In the organization’s history, not only has scientific knowledge been an asset, but its acquisition and application have also been a necessity in ensuring coherent and responsible development of its resources.

As is often the case for Government departments, the type and extent of the MERN’s expertise may not be fully understood by some of the groups that use its services. However, the MERN looks firmly to the future with an organizational vision based not only on the leading-edge expertise of its staffl, but also on its desire to contribute to the development of Québec’s society.

Vision: Responsible economic development is at the heart of our initiatives.

Organizational Structure

The MERN works in the following sectors: land, energy and mines. Its administrative structure reflects this, and includes a General Secretariat as well as a number of general directorates reporting directly to the Deputy Minister.