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Geoscience Research Challenge

University students enrolled in an Earth Science program were invited to enter the Geoscience Research Challenge (formerly the l’Association québécoise des sciences de la Terre). The contest involved presenting a research project carried out in a university in Québec. The 2017 winners received a certificate of excellence and a scholarship to highlight the quality of their presentations.

Scholarships Awarded

University Programs Prize 2017 Winners
Doctorate – 1st Prize $2,000 Louis Garneau
Doctorate – 2nd Prize Souvenir book Claire Dalencourt
Master’s – 1st Prize $1,500 Julie Rochette
Master’s – 2nd Prize $500 Doudou Tague
Master’s – 3rd Prize Souvenir book Blandine Nguegang
Bachelor’s – 1st Prize $1,200 Évelyne Sunatori
Bachelor’s – 2nd Prize Souvenir book Émile Boily
Total $5,200


Québec Mines 2017 MINING Challenge

The Québec Mines MINING Challenge was intended for 2nd and 3rd year students in Mineral Technology programs, with the expertise needed to develop a mining strategy. Scholarships were awarded to two winning teams.

The team that won the First Prize, valued at $1,500, was composed of: William Desmeules, Adam Dostie and Jean-Nicolas Tremblay from the Thetford CEGEP.

Équipe du CEGEP de Thetford

The team that won the Second Prize, valued at $500, was composed of: Myrna Ouillatte, Tani Tho and Nicolas Royer of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue CEGEP.

Équipe du CEGEP de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Québec Mines 2017 EXPLO Challenge

A race against the clock

Québec Mines and AQUEST presented the Québec Mines EXPLO Challenge once again in 2017. Four teams of three students, representing four different universities (one in a non-competitive capacity) were given 12 hours to prepare an exploration project. The winning team, the one whose exploration project was judged to be the most promising, won the Grand Prize of $3,000, plus a complete SIGÉOM database.

The winning EXPLO Challenge team was composed of: Simon Langlais, Claudie Lefebvre-Fortier and Jonathan Marleau from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Mine Site Rehabilitation Challenge

Students enrolled in a bachelor program were invited to present a rehabilitation concept to be applied to a simulated, abandoned mine site. The students had to provide a report and a simple model presenting their rehabilitation concept. Five teams participated.

The team made up of Alan Sanchez, Véronik Lord, Audrey Bédard from Universté Laval, won a $ 3 000 scholarship.

Gagnants défi restauration minière