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The Lorraine site

The exploitation of nickel and copper ore at the Lorraine mine between 1964 and 1968 left over 600 kt of sulphur-rich mine tailings. The 22-hectare site includes 15 hectares of mine tailings. Total site restoration costs were $1.8 million.

A multi-layer covering installed
to control acidic mine drainage.

The spilled tailings were recovered and the surface of the tailings impoundment was re-profiled. A capillary barrier covering, generally known as a multi-layer covering, was established during the winter of 1999 on the mine tailings site to control acidic mine drainage, and limestone drains were set up at the outlet. A program to monitor system performance and changes in water quality has been in effect since the covering was placed in position.

The Lorraine site,
after completion of the work.
Following the establishment of NSERC-Polytechnique-UQAT Industrial Chair in Environment and Mine Waste Management, the site is used as a demonstration site for various types of work carried out as Chair activities.


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