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Energy Efficiency


Over the last decade, Québec has achieved encouraging results through the promotion of energy savings under the energy efficiency strategy adopted a little over ten years ago. The pace of this work has accelerated since 2003, and the new energy strategy will allow further progress to be made.

Priority actions

To meet the objective of making Québec more energy-efficient, the Government will focus on:

  1. adopting more ambitious energy savings targets for all forms of energy, including petroleum products;
  2. drawing up a comprehensive plan for all forms of energy, and taking steps to implement it;
  3. reducing the consumption of petroleum products by taking specific action;
  4. making better use of electricity;
  5. extending the scope of energy efficiency measures for natural gas;
  6. strengthening leadership in the public sector.

The Government will launch initiatives that demonstrate coherency and a willingness to act, in order to improve the ways in which we use energy.

  • The overall process and individual measures reflect the demands made during the consultation process.
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions depends on the promotion of energy efficiency within Québec, Canada and the northeast sector of North America, in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The energy savings targets set are ambitious. For the first time, specific targets have been set for energy savings in the petroleum products sector. The measures defined are as ambitious as the objectives. They will be implemented in keeping with the principle of accountability and will not involve the creation of any new structures.

Overall, the Government will launch actions for the next decade, to encourage decision-makers to make the right choices and adjust their behaviour. By 2015, Québec should be in a position to save $2.5 billion per year on its energy bill, and to prevent 9.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

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